Feel is lovingly made by Moodj B.V. in The Netherlands: 

Moodj B.V. 
Noorderpoort 11a 
5916 PJ Venlo 
The Netherlands 

The core team consists of: 

Feel Emiel Collin/music
Feel Simone Rayer/marketing & communication
Feel Joris Zaalberg/design
Feel Rob Kurvers/business development

Feel was developed with Samuel Goodwin of Roundwall Software in Amsterdam. 

For inquiries please contact us at simone [at] moodj [dot] com. 

Feel uses Spotify's SDK but is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Spotify. Spotify is the registered trademark of the Spotify Group. 

This product uses iOS Facebook integration to create user accounts and connect users to their friends. The product is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved by Facebook.

The Feel app icon is a simple white heart on a dark background. It references the feel button, which is the app's central point of interaction.

Feel users are invited to add their own music to the app by expressing their feelings whilst playing their Spotify playlists.

Music is grouped by feeling. The app offers 8 distinct feelings to start with. Peace, joy, power, love, dark, sad, hope and sexy.

A simple interface helps people focus on the music, rather than on the technology

Users of Feel are invited to express what they feel when they are moved by a song.

On the track detail screen, the user can see what they and their friends have felt with songs.

Users will receive notifications when a friend of theirs re-feels one of your songs.

User can add their Facebook friends to listen to their feels.

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